Football clubs in London, England

There are 9 football clubs in London and near we know about by now.

Football clubs in London and near

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Last 10 games in London

League#Date (GMT+0)Team 1ScoreTeam 2
Premier League3828 May 15:30, SunChelsea1 - 1Newcastle United
Premier League3828 May 15:30, SunCrystal Palace1 - 1Nottingham Forest
Premier League3828 May 15:30, SunBrentford1 - 0Manchester City
Premier League3828 May 15:30, SunArsenal5 - 0Wolverhampton Wanderers
Premier League3721 May 12:30, SunWest Ham United3 - 1Leeds United
Premier League3720 May 14:00, SatFulham2 - 2Crystal Palace
Premier League3720 May 11:30, SatTottenham Hotspur1 - 3Brentford
Premier League3614 May 15:30, SunArsenal0 - 3Brighton & Hove Albion
Premier League3614 May 13:00, SunBrentford2 - 0West Ham United
Premier League3613 May 14:00, SatChelsea2 - 2Nottingham Forest

About London

Football is an integral part of London's sports culture, with several professional football clubs based in the city. The most successful of these is Arsenal FC, which has won 13 English league titles and 14 FA Cups. Other notable London football clubs include Chelsea FC, Tottenham Hotspur FC, West Ham United FC, and Crystal Palace FC, all of which play in the English Premier League. London has also hosted major international football events, such as the 1966 FIFA World Cup, which saw England win its only World Cup to date.

Football matches in London draw huge crowds of passionate fans, and the city is home to some of the most iconic football stadiums in the world, such as Wembley Stadium, Emirates Stadium, and Stamford Bridge. Football is not only a sport in London, but it's also a significant part of the city's cultural identity, with fans from all walks of life coming together to support their local clubs. Overall, London's football scene is vibrant and diverse, with a rich history and a bright future.

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